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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Are you planning to take guidance from our partners for debt solutions for any sort of debt consolidation UK? If it is so, you are requested to kindly go through the following terms and conditions.

You may use our debt helpline or get in touch with us to be put through to a registered and regulated advisor for Debt Consolidation England. Irrespective of the way, you contacted us for citizen debt advice UK, you are expected to abide by these.

Kindly go through this carefully and minutely. It will help you get a better understanding of your responsibilities under various laws of debt resolution and debt consolidation UK. These terms and conditions will give you a better idea of how Citizen Debt Help can be the best debt consolidation company for you.

While opting for our services on Advice on Debt Consolidation England, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.

While agreeing to our terms and conditions, you grant us the authority to advise you and provide you with the facility which suits you the best for any kind of Debt Consolidation England.

We will try our best to provide the services to the best of our limit. But we won’t be liable in case of failing to implement any of them due to unfavourable circumstances. This holds valid more specifically if there is any technical issues or problems related to third party involvement.

We have the right to modify or terminate any of these related to debt consolidation programs at our discretion. Although, the chances of something happening like this is almost negligible.

These terms and conditions have been designed by strictly following the rules and regulations of England, Wales and other provinces of the UK. Thus, these t&c related to debt management programmes and debt resolutions cling strictly to the jurisdictions of English courts.

In case, you find any of these terms and conditions regarding debt help UK confusing or you are not clear about any of these clauses, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will explain to you the best of your knowledge. But please don’t agree to them without having a proper understanding.

Some of our terms and conditions include:


To provide a better service for Citizens Advice Debt Consolidation London, we may record and monitor your interactions with us. Your calls on Citizens Advice Phone Number UK and your chat on our website may be monitored for quality and training purposes.

Constricted Liability

You may face a loss or damage if there is any breach of terms and conditions related to the debt management plans UK on your end. Under such a situation, we won’t be liable for any of your personal damage.


We have the authority to terminate your registration for any sort of Citizens Advice Debt Consolidation London or UK if the details provided by you are misleading. Thus, you should ensure that the details provided you are all correct. In case, there is any change in the details you submitted, please inform us immediately.

Applicable Terms and Conditions

There may be any contradiction between the terms and conditions mentioned on this page and those specifically mentioned on a page related to a particular scheme. In such cases, the latter should prevail.

Maintaining IPR

We have intellectual property rights, trademarks and copyright on the content you submitted to us through your account. You can personally store the content but can’t use them or reproduce them for other commercial purposes without our prior consent.

No Third Party Interaction

Whether you are an individual or a business organisation, you have to confirm there is no third party dealing involved. You should be interacting with us only one your benefit and not for the benefit of any other entity.

Invalid Terms

If under any circumstances any of these terms and conditions become invalid, we will ensure that the other provisions continue to be valid and enforceable. Although, this won’t happen unless there is any major change in debt management programmes UK from legal perspectives.

Accuracy as Per Your Locations

We have designed the plans and programmes that align to the maximum extent to your local law and order. In case you opt for any of our schemes for Debt Consolidation UK. But if you deliberately chose a debt management programme that doesn’t align with the financial policy of your location, we won’t be liable. If you face any loss or crisis for this, we won’t be accountable for that.

No False Guarantee

We try our best to ensure you get the most favourable outcomes from our services. But we can’t assure you that all your demands will be fulfilled. If you feel there has been an error on our end, you must report to us immediately. We will sort that out to maximise the result.

Restricted Access

You have to create an account at Citizen Debt Help for addressing your Debt Consolidation UK. You can access it to see the updates related to your debt management programmes. But we may restrict your access to your account if we are adding any new services or it is under maintenance. Although, access will be granted within the earliest possible time.

No Transfer Policy

We do not allow the transfer of rights from one client to other while providing Advice On Debt Consolidation England. So you can’t transfer them to others. Although, if we feel your case can be better handled by another body, we transfer our rights to them without affecting your rights.

Maintaining Your Privacy

While you have registered an account for yourself online at Citizen Debt Help, you will have your set of credentials. You should keep them absolutely confidential irrespective of which debt management programme you choose. If you suspect, anybody else has access to your credentials, please report to us immediately.

Maintain Basic Insurance

Irrespective of the schemes of debt solution UK, you have opted, you have to maintain a minimum commercial general insurance. You also need to have a minimum of other indemnities that will cover your liabilities.

These terms and conditions may get updated from time to time for legal and regulatory reasons. We do this to ensure we could carry out all your debt solutions flawlessly.

In case we make any amendment, we will notify you. Any changes we make will apply to your current debt consolidation programs. If you choose not to accept our new terms and condition, you may discontinue that plan.

Contact Us

If you have any query regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us by email info@findingdebthelp.com.

For any more details visit www.fca.org.uk


Eligibility Confirmed


Eligibility Confirmed