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Within just 10 minutes, you can speak to one of our expertly trained friendly partner-pups, who will be able to find a solution that works best for solving your debt problems.

We understand that taking the first step in asking for help with your debt problems can be daunting, but all calls with our partner-pups are 100% confidential. They will listen to your needs and suggest ways to help, without judgement, and they will never force a solution that is not a good fit for you.

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Our partner-pup debt advisors can help with many different types of unsecured debt such as credit cards, personal loans, store cards, council tax and many more. Talk to one of our partner-pup debt advisors and they will help you work out which of your debts they can help with.

We care about our customers and we want you to be aware that repaying debts slower than originally planned may increase the overall amount you pay. It will also potentially impact your credit rating for six years.

Our partner-pup debt advisors change people’s lives every day. To do this they have to fully understand your debt problems to be able to provide the best solution for you, and we think that the best way to do this is over the phone.

This conversation will always go at your pace and our partner-pup debt advisors will always keep your conversations completely confidential. They speak to hundreds of people and whatever your situation, they’ve already helped people just like you.

Not long at all. Our partner-pup debt advisors won’t keep you on the phone long and if they call you when you’re busy, they can re-schedule a call back at a time that is better for you. But please make sure to answer their initial call so you can have that first conversation and arrange a call back if needed.

We won’t charge you a penny for using our service. None of the advice you get from one of our partner-pups will cost you anything and there’s no pressure to take out any solution that they suggest for you. Fees are only ever charged when you agree to a solution and these will be made clear by the solution provider.

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